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  • August 23, 2006
    Current Events: Wow, where has the time gone? While the 2nd Quarter was a bumpy one, EMS sure has been busy over the summer months. EMS has picked up several new customers and the number of service requests have been on the rise. Currently, EMS has seen a recent increase in the number of projects requiring new generator installs. It appears that the recent threat of power outages over the summer and possible problems this winter has made a few companies want to be prepared for a possible 1 to 3 day loss of power. In general, they list critical loads associated with keeping their office running and the plant protected. EMS is currently working with two, possible three, customers on providing engineering services. Once the customer receives this information from EMS, they can solicit bids for the build phase, which EMS can provide a complete turn-key package or a subset of services to meet the customer's needs. EMS has also been busy performing preventive maintenance, especially during the typical shutdown periods over the summer and preparing for the new school year.


  • June 2006
    New Partnerships: In order to remain competitive and able to respond to the fluctuating needs of its customers, EMS has formed a type of partnership with several other companies to share resources and work loads. It appears this may be the new trend for companies to survive, because it has been working out very well so far. If you are interested in partnering with EMS, please contact us.


  • February 24, 2006
    2nd Quarter Forecast: With a gray start to the first quarter of 2006, EMS has remain busy and has recently experienced an increase in the number awarded based projects as well as an increase in service requests. These increases are being seen in the manufacturing, municipality, and school sectors. While forecasting/planning has been difficult due to the timeframe of these projects, usually within a 1-2 week window, the comments from several of their customers and suppliers have been positive. EMS is expecting additional increases in the 2nd Quarter. To remain competitive, EMS will continue to maintain its current rate structure and absorb the recent increases in operating costs.


  • January 04, 2006
    Happy New Year Everyone! 2005 was certainly a year of change and EMS has worked hard to reflect the demands of needing to do more with less. Time and money constraints are being felt by all. 2006 will continue to present challenges as we all try to do more with less. At EMS, we are well positioned to meet these challenges while still maintaining quality and pride in the services we provide. With an ever shrinking manufacturing\industrial sector in Massachusetts, EMS has been seeing an increasing need for its technical services in the commercial sector. With several new customers and an expanding group of alliances, EMS is looking forward to a positive growth in 2006. Many customers, both new and old, have continued to comment on how pleased they are with our services and how EMS "Saves Them Money" by reducing their downtimes. Please read what some of our customers are saying...

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